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Falling media standards or moral policing

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Shun moral policing, media told – The Hindu.

This is the theme of my next paper for 23rd annual AMIC Conference in July at Indonesia.

Am trying to establish that with the growing proliferation of media (newspaper & TV channels) over last 30 years (1980-2010) & changing ownership pattern with politicians & business houses picking up ownership in them – there is a perceptible dip in ethics and reporting standards.

The advertising budgets also increased in this period and hence their clout and influence started clouding the editorial judgement in newsrooms. With marketing budgets going up and sponsors pushing newer boundaries in newspaper & TV channels during this period – the pressure of survival; one-upmanship and competition is lowering the bar with every passing year. If one was to bring the lack of training in newsrooms into the above hypothesis – the deduction of dipping standards and ethical reporting is a bygone conclusion.

The onslaught of digital media and citizen journalism has helped reach larger audience – quicker and without geographical boundaries. While this helps news travel faster and larger audience when its good – the reverse is much faster when there is bad press and collateral damage is much higher. The other problem with social media publishing vis-a-vis traditional media is the issue of lack of validation of news content and editorial content not being checked in news rooms akin to traditional news room.

Look at how recent Boston blast led to large global news media houses also jumping the gun and pushing the boundaries of digital media in their quest for Breaking News & First to Report and in the process leading to false rumours and creating panic. The FBI & Boston Police had to counter these news reports as published by CNN & Associated Press and try to calm the situation. Read the story that appeared in The Hindu on this issue – http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/media-missteps-after-blasts/article4630987.ece

Is news consumption patterns changing in this period is also another dimension that one needs to explore – the attention span is falling and media organisation approach to news dissemination is changing with Business of News falling at the altar of ethics, standards, regulation. This is a serious issue with changing ownership patter, rising marketing clout and media proliferation pushing the organisation to revisit how they look at news dissemination in India and globally..


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Written by schelluri

April 19, 2013 at 1:41 pm